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Many people have asked us about the ghosts on our Historic Burlington Ghost Walks. Here is the history and accounts of the more interesting places we visit. *Note: Magnetic Hill is not on the Ghost Walk,it is a part of our Ghost Shuttle Tours which we have been doing for several years.The shuttle tour takes you to the actual spot of Magnetic Hill, Bayview Park where ghost and ufo activity happens and also to the top of the hill where more paranormal events occur. here from time to time.

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GhostFiles: Case Study - Magnetic Hill, Burlington

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Magnetic Hill:

Official Ghost UFO Site for Burlington, Ontario


"The Magnetic Hill on King Road"

The City of Burlington has the distinction of having one of only a few naturally occurring Magnetic Hills in Canada. The Magnetic Hill faces West going North Burlington along a rural section of King Road which runs from Burlington Bay to the top of the Niagara Escarpment. Originally the 100 acres of land was owned by Toronto Business Man Ted Sherman. The Magnetic Hill is just 4 kmís North on King Road (a small stretch of road) from Fairview Street Burlington.

Early reports of strange magnetic properties and even stranger incidents began in the late 1970's when their was a rural road since it was the entrance to the Burlington Land Fill Site. Since the closing of the dump in 1988, it took on the official name as King Road on the top of the escarpment. It wasn't until 1990 when the Burlington Post published an article on the unusual road and its magnetic properties reporting to pull a car up the hill while the car was put in neutral gear. Other newspaper reports were published in August 1985 and May 2003.(Information and news articles are available to the media by contacting Burlington Ghost Walks email: ghostly1@bell.net for full accounts of stories, events)

Now known as a tourist attraction, most people don't know where Magnetic Hill is? For those who want to visit, Burlington is located in Southern Ontario. It is close to two other major tourist destinations. Toronto is one hour away while it is only a 45 minute drive to Niagara Falls. Burlington is also the home of many summer activities including the famous SOUND OF MUSIC FESTIVAL which draws some 300,000 people to the area in June every year.

Is the Hill really Magnetic?, Haunted? Possibly! It is an actual optical illusion. There are numerous locations around the world where objects apparently roll uphill. Usually it is a stretch of road in a hilly area (as is the case in Burlington) where the horizon is obscured. Objects such as trees which normally provide visual clues to the true vertical, may be leaning slightly. This creates an optical illusion...but people have experienced their cars power fail, the radio and electronic instruments on the dashboard and in the car turn on and off by themselves. People have felt strange electrical pulses like getting zapped, felt and heard strange noises and the feeling of numbness in their arms and hands.

As quoted from the "Big Pull News Article-by Linda Jacobs-August 16th, 1985". -"When told about the Magnetic Hill in Burlington, Mayor Roly Bird agreed to come out and have a look, saying stories about it have circulated for years and he too was curious. Though he coasted in his car and even rode a skateboard apparently uphill, Mr. Bird proved his eyes wrong by walking up and down with his eyes closed. "You can tell by the feel of your legs whether you're walking up or down hill" he said". -quote/unquote.The actual ghosts that do appear here are pioneer ghosts some carrying guns seen walking through the fields as the hill goes up facing east and sounds of horses with wagons on the side of the road. This has been verified by many witnesses and we, Burlington Ghost walks also have photos of ghost images walking around the trees also half faded images on the side of the road.

The mystery of the Hill continues, We leave it up to YOU to decide if it truly is Haunted or just an Optical Illusion. (-Research by Patrick Cross with the Burlington Post and Hamilton Spectator Newspaper articles-1985,2003,2005,2008,2014,2017,2018) In 2007 Crepy Canada filmed a segment on Magnetic Hill- yet the ghost stories were not correct since non-factual reports of ghost activity supplied by another ghost group who did not have the correct ghost activity that is seen here.

Original King Road 1940 photo shot from bottom looking up

(Photo on left shows what looks like the Alien photographed in the grassy field in Bayview Park in September 1999 when strange ufo lights were spotted on the top of the hill). This place has a lot of ghost paranormal activity at night with strange lights appearing all over. *Note: Ghosts DO NOT push any cars up the hill. This is made up for sensationalism, it is a natural magnetic field that pulls cars up the hill. Also, there is NO Haunted House on King Road. It is a made up myth. The house that was there was a farmhouse, but had no mentions of killings or murders in any of the Burlington Post, Burlington Gazette and Hamilton Spectator in the last 40 years. The farm house was hit by lightning and started a fire causing it to burn down. The yellow house that is on top of the hill is not haunted and the owners wish to be left alone. Please do not trespass and resepct people's privacy.

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(The photo below shows the top of the Hill with ghost ectoplasm and orbs appear around a bend where teenagers were killed in a car crash at the top of the hill).


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