Burlington Ghost Files-Burlington Tourist Center - Waterfront Hotel and 1858 Haunted Light House:

Many people have asked us about the ghosts on our Historic Burlington Ghost Walks. Here is some of the history and accounts of the places we visit on the tour. The Waterfront Hotel is on the Ghost Walk.People visting from out of town for the ghost walk can stay here by contacting the hotel 905-681-5410. This is one of the history pages from Burlington's Ghost Walk Files.

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GhostFiles: Case Study - Waterfront Hotel by the Lake (formerly Travelodge-by-the-lake)

The Old Burlington Tourist Center Burlington, Ontario, Canada


"The Ghost of Windy"

For several years, the Burlington Tourist Center was located on Lakeshore Road, across from the BAC-Burlington Arts Center. The white building was the information center for all events and happenings in Burlington with a great resource of material on where to go and what to do in Burlington. It was originally called the Mohawk Canoe Club and was the home of many provincial, national and olympic paddlers. It was the first Canadian Club with indoor pool training fascilities. The Mohawk club was founded in 1958, joining forces with the Oakville Canoe Club in the 1980's to form the now nationally ranked Burloak club. As of July 2003, the Tourist Information Center was closed and has been re-located to a new building across the street located on 441 Locust Street by the Parking Garage run by a very helpful informative staff, the old information center was known for many ghostly things going on inside and out. It is interesting to see if the new Burlington Tourist Information Office will have any ghosts or any of the staff bring any of the ghosts along with them from the old building.

Photo on left shows the side of the Tourist Center where "Windy" the ghost usually appeared walking along the outside veranda in heels and wearing a white floral dress of Victorian period style. Many people describe her holding her hand on a white bonnet and waving with her other hand out to the lake, then turns and disappears into thin air. She is known to appear on a bright sunny, windy day, this is how she got her name known as WINDY. We think Windy, the ghost was a tourist who visited Spencer Smith Park (then known as Lasalle Park) back in the early 1900's who liked it so much and came back to stay or she is still waiting for someone to return from the lake as she is seen staring out to the lake waving. In the 1800-1900's, Burlington Bay and Spencer Smith Park (also called Lakeside Park) was a well known tourist destination also known for the well to do tourists to take in dining, parties, amusements, festivals and lake tours including dining at the old Emma's Back Porch- James Gage was a major developer and owner of this tract of land, Spencer Smith, which was previously owned by Chief Joseph Brant died in 1807 at age 64, forefather of Burlington.

To this day, the Burlington park is still a very popular spot to come to visit even in the Victorian Era with the ladies and men well dressed in lavish clothing. Since the closing of the original tourist center in July 2003, no new reports of any ghosts or lights has been reported in the area. The building has now been torn down and the new tourist information center is located at Burlington Tourism Center 441 Locust Street and Lakeshore.

Burlington's Oldest Light House and It's Haunted!

The First Lighthouse Keeper was William Nicholosn circa 1837. Back in 1846 a Mr. Thompson became the main lighthouse keeper and noted from his records he had often noted sounds of voices and unusual noises emerging from within the stone tower. Other light keepers who took over this position had also made mention of the echoing sound of footsteps and mysterious lights shining from within the narrow windows as they were making their daily rounds of the pier.The 90 foot cylindrical tower was constructed of limestone and is 7 feet thick at the base. It replaces the original wooden light house tht burned down in July, 1856. By October 18, 1858 a new lighthouse was built by a light house contractor. It is the oldest lighthouse in Ontario which was de-activated in 1961 sits now abandoned along with the light keeper’s red brick house. A new modern red light is now used as a warning to ships coming too close to the waters edge. John Thompson served the lighthouse for 29 years and died in 1879 due to poor health. Some say his ghost is still seen around the lighthouse while he continues to do his rounds just as he did for 29 years!(research and history by Patrick Cross-Paranormal Investigator) *The full story is told by Patrick Cross-Owner and Director on the Official Burlington Ghost Walks*-ghost walks run from July to November.

Burlington Ghost Files - Waterfront Hotel,(formerly Travelodge) Downtown, Burlington Ontario

The current photo of the Waterfront Hotel lobby. Older Photos below are of the believed to be haunted areas of the hotel, mainly the downstairs pool area and the meeting rooms. in the lower level.

The Waterfront Hotel, located in downtown Burlington 2020 Lakeshore Road is known to be haunted with ghostly visitors of the night. In the last couple of years, the hotel has seen its share of pranks played by ghosts or one ghost in particular. The management and staff have all experienced strange unexplained incidents such as phones dialing by themselves from the front desk to 911, feelings of cold air, doors of rooms opening and closing, hearing someone walking up and downstairs to the meeting rooms, images of a woman and other ghostly images of people appearing around corners, yet no one is there. The most common sighting is what appears to be Elisa, the well known ghost of Joseph Brant Museum, who was and still is the original ghost haunting Joseph Brant Museum.

People have sworn she is the same Elisa as seen and heard from Joseph Brant Museum known as the "grey lady" woman dressed in white 1900 period style long gown, appearing in the meeting rooms and at the bottom of the stairwell then quickly fades away. A heavy perfume smell lingers around the area where she has been seen or appears.

Photo on left shows area where the ghost of Elisa is seen usually after 11:00 pm walking around with heels in the downstairs meeting rooms.The ghosts have been witnessed and seen by many of the staff working here including many guests.

Simply Spooky! Join us on the Burlington Ghost Walks Historic Tour of Burlington's Most Haunted Places. You just might run into the Ghosts of Elisa or Windy. For Ghost Walk Bookings, Tickets, Dates and Information see our face book page.Ghost Walks run from July to November rain or shine, reservations are encouraged We get very busy in the Fall.

Photo below is a family of ghosts! orbs captured on film with clear images of red faces and red ghost lights appearing in the lower meeting rooms of the Waterfront Hotel by the Lake. Photographed just after midnite, March 2003-Patrick Cross. No one knows who this "pioneer" family is, but guests and staff have felt the presence of ghost activity in meeting rooms and other guest rooms throughout the hotel.


Bottom stairs area where Burlington Ghost Walks ends the tour at the Waterfront Hotel also where Elisa, the ghost appears who used to haunt Joseph Brant Museum and the original Brant Inn on the upstairs landing.

meeting rooms

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